Viz Media Confirms Print Edition World Trigger, Will Reprint Jojo

World Trigger and JoJo in Print

Viz Media’s been dropping little bits of news throughout the past few weeks, resulting in plenty of good news for print fans. Time for a round-up!

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Yen Press Launches Light Novel Imprint – Yen On

Yen Press Launches Light Novel Imprint - Yen On

Yen Press’s new manga titles weren’t the only treat they had in store for Sakura Con 2014. The publisher also announced a brand new imprint – Yen On – dedicated to the publication of Japanese light novels. As the name directly implies, light novels are novels only… light, meaning not as dense or lengthy as most novels we’re accustomed to. They also have accompanying artwork inside.

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Dark Horse Licenses Legal Drop and Oreimo Spin-Offs at SakuraCon 2014

Dark Horse Licenses Legal Drop and Oreimo Sequels at SakuraCon 2014

Even when you’re pretty sure something is going to happen, that doesn’t make it any less sweet when it occurs. At the recent-ish Sakura Con, Dark Horse announced five new manga licenses, including a new CLAMP license rescue:

Drug & Drop – CLAMP
Legal Drug – CLAMP
OPUS – Satoshi Kon
Oreimo: Kuroneko – Sakura Ikeda
Seraphim: 266613336 Wings – Satoshi Kon & Mamoru Oshii

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Yen Press Kicks Off Con Season with New Manga at Sakura Con 2014

Yen Press Kicks Off Con Season with New Manga at Sakura Con 2014

Earlier in the month Yen Press released their first big wave of news for 2014, starting with a number of new manga licenses at Sakura Con:

King of Eden – Takashi Nagasaki & SangCheol Lee
Gou-Dere Sora Nagihara – Suu Minazuki
Love at Fourteen – Fuka Mizutani
The Angel of Elhamburg – Aki

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TCAF Adds Third and Fourth Manga Guests With Akira Himekawa

Akira Himekawa

Toronto Comics Art Fest just keeps sweetening the pot for its attendees, and possibly proving itself to be the best venue for meeting manga artists in North America. TCAF organizers recently announced that manga-duo  Akira Himekawa would be attending as one of their 2014 featured guests.

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One Peace Brings Story of Grief and Demonic Pacts to English with Raqiya


It’s One Peace‘s first new license of 2014! The publisher confirmed with AnimeNewsNetwork that they’d licensed a new manga title:

Raqiya – Masao Yajima & Boichi

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Hey everyone! We’re working on a podcast for an upcoming Sparkler feature, and we’re hoping you have some questions for us!

Now’s your chance to find out the answers to burning questions like, how does our Audio Editor survive when finishing two audio chapters a month? (Hint: lots of caffeine)…


You asked for it and we delivered! It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a shopping cart!

Let’s go through some of the changes. Now when you visit the site, you’ll notice that some books have an “Add to Cart” button by them while others don’t (see below). Only digital books will have…


Our April print releases:

  • Knights of Sidonia vol 8
  • Wolfsmund part 4
  • Flowers of Evil volume 9
  • Quick Draw - a novel
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard vol 1 with trading card
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard vol 1 Special Edition Set

We also have the following eBooks set to debut this month:

  • Twin Spica vol 15 of 16
  • Knights of Sidonia vol 1
  • Knights of Sidonia vol 2
  • Quick Draw

Please make “all your purchases belong to Vertical” this month.

Seven Seas Licenses Manga Adaptation of ‘No Game, No Life’

No Name, No Life

Seven Seas is playing no games with its license announcements this year, dropping another treat with a new manga title:

No Game, No Life - Yuu Kamiya & Mashiro Hiiragi

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